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A failing State is Venezula


HIgh murder rate is the capital ... Carraccas


Kidnapping a big horrible business in Venezula


Military watching everywhere.



But a tradition of chocolate could save Venezula


Great temperature in Venezula  for growing the cocoa pods.


Paradise cocoa plantations


But a lot of hard work to transform the cocoa  into a chocoloate bar


But if the people can do this without the mulit nationals exploiting them they could prosper,


 In the Venezula they have transformed the Cocoa pod for centuries


Cocoa is indigenous in South America


It is an alternative future for Venezula away from the violence


The first that exported cocoa


The food of the Gods


Cocoa a glorious past and a solution  for their  broken economy


Venezula farmers are frightened of the violence and kidnapping


Also there is a problem of transportation of pods to factories


Supply to factories is now being done by women in cars 


The Army and criminals are  squeezing the agricultural economy.


Top cocoa is from Venezula so money could be made here.


Make the chocolate bars in Venezula and it tastes like heaven



encourage the people and entrepuatour are  made.


Inspiration is there in raw materials  all around Venezula


but ingredients are difficult to find and dangerous is all around


A simple business of opening chocolate business is dangerous in Venezula


But it could re-unite a broken country.


Unlikely but a grass-roots movement is being led by the women.


The women of Venezula search for new economic dignified  solutions


The men of Venezula rely on the petrol economy funding, politics, violence, kidnapping and crime


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