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O Caledonia! stern and wild.

Meet nurse for a poetic child!

Land of brown heath and shaggy wood,

Land of the mountain and the flood,

Land of my sires" what mortal hand

Can e'er untie the filial band,

That knits me to thy rugged strand!


Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832)

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Caladonia - I once saw Dougie Maclean perform his song Caladonia at a local folk festival ( Bromsgrove I think ) and was enchanted by the lyrics,the tune and the performance. Not suprisingly it has had nearly 4 million hits on you tube. A particularly poinient line is simply " Caladonia's been everything I ever had "<br /> The song touches the human emotion of reflection .
I have not heard that song so I will look out for it<br /> <br /> thank you for the mention