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Norman houses


In the Norman house they often kept a pet hawk in the solar, or a squirrel in a cage.



Hunting dogs were kept at every manor-house.

The kitchen was a seperate building, across the yard, so the food was often cold by the time it reached the hall.


Later on the Lord made a covered way from his kitchen, and later still, the kitchen became part of the house.


The lord liked good food and he had cooks and scullions to prepare it.

At this time a lot of meat was eaten: beef, mutton, pork and venison (deer), and all kinds of birds and fish, especially herrings and eels.


Poor people lived mainly on vegetables: peas, beans and cabbages, with a piece of bacon now and then.



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That's actually quite cool, the tower is an awesome addition!
So of the designs of those Times was quite impressive