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Duolingo (/TinyCards) for Wearables (Smartwatches)

As computers are getting faster and more powerful, they are also getting smaller. This has opened up the market of "wearables". The most notable type of wearable computer being the Smartwatch.

Smartwatches are growing more and more capable and are becoming quite advanced. The most well known and popular smartwatches are Android or Apple Watches.

These devices are making everyday processes easier and more efficient. However, there aren't many third-party apps for these devices as of yet, so it's hard to find ways to help your language learning endeavours. I think it would be a great way to improve a language as these devices are so quickly and easily accessible. It's learning at a glance.

Now, you may be asking yourself, "how could one possibly use Duolingo on such a small screen?" Obviously, that would be extremely difficult. But the watch face just so happens to be the perfect size for flashcards! In fact, I'd be much more likely to use flashcards on my Apple Watch than my iPhone.

The design and development would be very simple. You could tap on a card to show the other side and swipe to reveal the next card. A button could be available to mark a card as "learned" so it isn't shown again.

The most popular smartwatches are made for Android and Apple devices, devices that Duolingo and TinyCards already support. A simple update of these apps for smartwatch compatibility would be amazing.


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