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Breaking the Mould





There was time I never knew
Before existence dawned
When all my hopes were spawned
An anvil where my steel was forged.

A crucible where melted down
My fledgling spirit flowed
And time has made and remade
My life's ever changing mould

I life there is no absolute
Only trust and hope
And every fear and every dream
Moves up and down the slope

As does the mountain climber
Who must always improvise
Seeking hand and foothold constantly
To win the summits prize

But my life is more prosaic
Ordinary plain,
Unless of course I chose to take
And break the mould again

Malcolm Wakeman 10/04/2017



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Malcolm Wakeman DROITWICH

I am married with two daughters and three grandsons.I play banjo & guitar, write poems, walk, play golf and learn German with Duolingo.



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