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"A little prayer"-by John McVey


A starving Act is what we should do

So on the streets if the police ask you

how much money exactly are you carrying

and if you do not know it;s embarrassing

for if you do not know

it means you have money to blow

and the police should take the lot

every single penny you have got

to give to the starving people everywhere

and that so what is called trading fare

OK the tourist should get away

if they are on holiday from a foreign country

for at for the want of a crust of bread

can be the difference between living and dead

for in the west there is food waste everywhere

and it is like they don't have time or care

So a starving act should be good

how often do you pray for a little food

so let;s not pretend to be nice

let make the uncaring pay the price

John A McVey

This was written by John McVey of Kilcreggan, Argyll, Scotland. 29 G84 0HS










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