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Published by jack elliot

The  March 20 is declared as  The World Storytelling Day.




On the 20th of  March there is The World Storytelling Day this is when people all over the word  read stories  every conceivable place.






On the 20th whilst  the Western Hemisphere are still asleep, Those  in Asia and Australia will be the first to hear the stories. Then after the storytellers in the eastern hemisphere finish then in their afterglow stroytellers will begin again  in the US and Canada.





This date of the 20th of March was not chosen by chance. It is the beginning of spring and also  of autumn respectively in the northern and southern hemispheres of the world.







Collectively the whole world is  busy  telling stories or listening to stories on this same day .







To celebrate  the art and craft of the storyteller worldwide.



This was written by Paulette 

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