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An acrobatic exercise in which the body rotates 360° around a horizontal axis with the feet passing over the head.

The variety that takes place on the ground is known as roll.

The word originates from an obsolete French word sobresaut, which in turn derived from the Latin combination supra (over) and saltus (jump).

Saltus mortalis

In Latin, somersault is known as the "deadly jump". This is reflected in the name of the exercise in many European languages, which use different versions of the Italian salto mortale.

  • saltomortale Danish
  • salto German
  • salto mortal Spanish
  • salto Estonian
  • salto or saut périlleux French
  • Сальто Russian
  • saltomortal Swedish
  • salto Dutch
  • saltomortale Norwegian

Salto mortale

The Italians usually call a somersault capriola or capovolta. The Italian concept salto mortale, also used for somersault, has found its way into English in the meaning "a daring life-risking leap" or "a risky or crucial undertaking".

What is somersault called in your language? :)



What is it called in Finnish (or did I just miss that)? A roll is "kullerbytta"(from French "culbuter"!) in Swedish by the way.


    Voltti. A roll is kuperkeikka. I could not find anything on the etymology. I assume the keikka part is related to keikahdus (upsetting balance). :)



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