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The Eskimo's of Central Siberian Yupik has 40 such terms for snow, whereas the Inuit dialect spoken in Nunavik, Quebec, has at least 53 for snow whereas here in Scotland we have more words for rain

Aftak (an easing or lull in a storm or rain)
Aitran (piercing cold, persistent rain)
Ask, Yask (a variant of ask, a fine rain, drizzle)
Baffin (Buffeting? The drenching and buffeting one gets when exposed to a storm)
*Beating down (heavy sidewards rain)
Bleeter, Bleatery (A passing storm of wind or rain)
Bowder (a great squall, blast, a heavy storm of wind and rain)
*Bucketing down (fills buckets)
*Buffeting (blustery wind usually with rain)
*Coming on to rain (looking like rain)
*Dab (A fine rain, a drizzle)
Dag, dagg (light drizzly, more or less steady rain Orkney)
Daggle (to fall in torrents)
*Damp (fine rain)
*Dash ‘a dash of rain” (a sudden fall of rain)
*Deluge (a sudden heavy fall)
Dish (to rain heavily)
*Downpour (A period of heavy rain)
*Dreach ‘a dreach day’ (Gaelic a day that is gloomy with rain)
*Drenching ‘a drenching’ (getting soak with rain)
Driv (light drizzly, more or less steady rain Orkney)
*Driving rain (heavy rain blown sidewards by wind)
*Drizzle – fine continuous rain
*Drookit (absolutely drenched.)
*Drumming down (usually said when in a tent or tin roof)
Either (to rain slightly)
Fiss – drizzle
Flooding (heavy rain leaving surface water)
*Flurry (a wave of rain)
Fluther, fludders (in great days it run in fludders)
*Fog (fine droplets wetting surfaces)
Fyag (A slight or find show of rain)
Goselet (A soaking, drenching, downpour of rain)
*Haar (an east coast mist which swirls inland)
Hagger (to drizzle, rain gently)
*Hammering (usually very heavy vertical rain – so loud it is the main thing that can be heared)
Hooring (wind screen wipers on full)
*Horizontal rain (goes sideswards more than down)
Huther – light intermittent rain
Kaavie (heavy driving rain)
Krammy (close, find drizzly)/

*Lashing (rain bounces of ground)
Lum (to fall in a downpour)
*Mist (a type of fog)
Murr (a find rain or drizzle)
Musk (occaisional light rain-showers)
Pani (the form of rain)
Peas souper (English term in use in Scotland)
Peeggirin (A storming shower)
*Peeing down (alt pissing down)
Pelsh, Pilsh – a drenching shower
*Pelting down (throwing it down)
*Pissing down – really falling down
*Pitter-patter (the sound of moderate rain)
Planet (a heavy, but localised shower of rain)
Pleuran (rained)
Plum shower (a sudden fall of rain)
*Pouring (a lot of rain)
Raff (a sharp shower of rain)
*Rain (Rain)
*Raining cats and dog
Rav (light drizzly, more or less steady rain Orkney)
Risk – fine rain
Rog (portending rain)
Roost (Orkney: Fine rain, drizzle, fine hazy mist)
rugg (light drizzly, more or less steady rain Orkney)
Rus (a fine rain accompanied by high wind)
*Saturated (absolutely drenched.)
Schiting, Skite (to rain slightly)
*Scotch mist (heavy fog or low lying cloud that soaks)
Scow. Scrow (a squally shower of rain, a wind and rain storm)
*Weather for ducks (so much rain puddles form everywhere)
*Set in for the day (adj: continuous rain)
Skudding down (skud:-a slight sudden shower  OR  mist, rain, snow, or spray driven by the wind)
*Sheets ‘sheets of rain’, the rain can be seen to come in “sheets”
*Shower (a period of rain)
*Sleat (rain with snow)
*Sleek ‘a sleeky day’ (a day in which there falls a considerable quantity of rain)
Smirr (a fine rain drizzle)
Smizzle (to rain lightly thinly)
*Smog  (pollution + fog)
Smue (Thick drizzling rain or smoke)
Smuggy (thing fine drizzling rain)
Sneesl (To rain, hail or snow lightly)
*Soaking ‘a soaking’ (heavy rain usually unexpected)
*Soft rain (light)
*Spindrift (spray whipped up by the wind)
*Spit (to spit – small individual drops)
Spitter, spither (a slight shower of rain or snow)
*Spitting – (light quantity of rain but enough to be be felt)
Spotting (similar to spitting)
*Sprinkling (enough to show on the ground but no more)
*Squall (a small storm of rain)
Stair rods (heavy individual streaks of rain)
*Storm (a period of wind, usually with rain)
Stotting (Stot is a common Scots and Geordie verb meaning “bounce” … rain stotting off a pavement)
Sump (A sudden heavy fall of rain, a deluge)
*Thrashing down (heavy rain)
*Throwing it down (Pelting down)
*Torrent (a big downpour)
*Torrential rain (mostly vertical in torrent usually warm)
Uar – A waterspout, a heavy fall of rain
Umplist (a sudden outburst of wind and rain)
Uplowsin (shetland –  heaving rain)
Vega – rain
*Weather for ducks (so much rain puddles form everywhere)
*wet ‘it’s wet’
*wringing wet (absolutely drenched.)
Yillen (A shower of rain, a drizzle, especially with wind)

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