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This is from a Missionary from Manchester that shows the thinkings of an Englishman towards the natives of the New Zealand in the late nineteenth century.






"Civilisation in  New Zealand be implied habits of cleanliness, decency of demeanour, the acquirement of ordinary school knowledge, the desire of European comforts (as distinguished from European luxuries);









If it mean, also, the distinction of truth from falsehood; the individualization of property,--that is to say, the breaking up of communism, which alone can induce respect for the essential difference between mine and thine; if it mean the curbing of unrestrained and unabashed sensuality of the Maori.




And I say more, that every one of the Mission has seen and acknowledged this, and has directed towards all this unintermitting effort. But if, by civilization, we are to understand the indoctrination of savages into the various arts of money-getting,--into the mysteries of trade,-- into the craving for the only luxuries they can appreciate, strong drink and tobacco,--the discarding of the mat for the unwholesome blanket,--the substitution of European vices for those which are held to be more peculiarly their own, while retaining those that are common to both races:--if this be meant, no further question can arise. And if it be not, let us be told distinctly, what else is meant."




This was written by Henry  Williams  in 1874 that was translating the Bible into the Maori language




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