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A walk on the Hill
The air is still on Malvern Hill
I walk above the cloud
Colwall and Welland and hidden now
By a whitened dampened shroud

I'm above The Chase Inn now
Away from Malvern town
" Right side of the hill" they say
You'll see by at sundown

And in The Chase last orders
On this Trafalgar day
They raise a glass to Nelson
Before they're on their way

Dr Ron and Nigel,young Sam behind the bar
Toast the might of empire in,a Kiplinesque review
While in Nigel's mental keyboard 
Elgar's ' Enigma ' is running through

And down at Colwall station
The Paddington's on time
And in The Colwall Park Hotel
Marie is drinking wine

She drinks so much of it these days
It wipes away the fear
Of bitter,bitter loneliness
As cold death draws ever near

In love she wasn't fortunate
And chance was cruel it's true
Although she had her moments they are now a hazy view
Just like the shroud surrounding Malverns ancient hill

Malcolm Wakeman 09/04/2012
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