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Our days in Scotland come from the Norse.











Monday the first day of the week.


The most important day.


A day for working and looking for food.



A day for flying  and enjoying the air


 English under the French rule forgot our Lundi


The Norse Lundi  (Puffin)  started the week 



Moon as Monday  can be for the English


But we  in Scotland can claim our Puffin (Lundi) to start our week




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I checked some dictionaries for Monday, and only came upon the Latin lūnae diēs. AHD's etymology notes lead to Germanic roots, and http://www.wordsense.eu points at Proto-Germanic. I believe it's only a very similar word, but all the languages are related at some point!
<br /> I would rather have my puffin reigning in the Skies of etymology<br /> <br /> but will bow to your knowledge<br /> <br /> .