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Published by jack elliot



A  cold wintry day.











Boiled a  mug of water in a saucepan












sprinkled in a few drops of vanilla essence














and added a hand full of dry porridge,,


















stirred in with a wooden spoon

















and then dropped the heat








so it just gently simmered 







stirred it for time to time











and then took it off the heat








it sat for about five minutes










whilst it sat there i  peeled a kiwi











then i sliced and quartered the kiwi










then placed those  kiwi pieces into a small bowl



and then I  returned the porridge   to the heat

and added a  quarter mug of milk to it

stirring the porridge more often now

now as it thickened I took off the heat

I than added a spoonful of honey

then I spooned the porridge onto the kiwi in the bowl

I then mixed it all together

I then put the bowl on the dining table with a spoon

waiting then for it to cool down


and then ate it .


Lovely .

Lovely . indeed 

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