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Published by jack elliot






First we get a metal bowl.


Najpierw bierzemy metalową miskę. Następnie bierzemy jajko.










Then we got an egg {1}


Następnie bierzemy jajko.










Then we cracked the egg with a knife












 We  then  whisked the egg.











We then added a wee drop of milk











We then added two tablespoons of flour.









We then stirred it all around a bit.










We then added a dash of olive oil .










We then added two and a half teaspoons of sugar.










We then added one teaspoon of Cocoa.










Yum yum Yummy

We then tasted as we mixed the mixture

Yummy yummy yum








Don't forget to cook three


Three pancakes fried


One wee tummy filled




All is good.





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