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Word 1: Wasbeer

I absolutely think this word is adorable. Literally translated, it means "washbear". In all actuality, it's a raccoon! =D

Word 2: Handschoenen

This one makes me giggle. The literal translation is "hand shoes". What does it actually mean? You guessed it! Gloves!

Word 3: Brandslang/Tuinslang

A twofer, but they both deserve to slip in here! Brandslang literally translates to "fire snake", while tuinslang literally translates to "yard snake". They mean fire hose and garden hose, respectively!

Word 4: Spiegelei

This literally translates to "mirror egg". If you want a sunny-side up egg, this is for which you ask! =)

Word 5: IJsbeer

This translates literally to "Ice bear"! It means Polar Bear. Adorable!


And here are a few bonus words that you most likely know, but that have different translations than you may think or have noticed!

  • Schildpad (Turtle)-Shield toad
  • Boterham (Sandwich)-Butter ham
  • Pindakaas (Peanut butter)-Peanut cheese
  • Tandpasta (toothpaste)-Tooth pasta
  • Klokhuis (Apple core)-Clock house

This concludes this week's Dutch Words of the Week! May you find use for these words in your life, or a bit of amusement from them! And a slight "meme" for those of you that get it based on literal translations from Dutch. =)

Tot de volgende woensdag!

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My son had to translate the Dutch word 'ruimteveer' into English. Ruimte is space and veer is feather. So he wrote down space feather. What was actually meant was a Space-shuttle.
<br /> .<br /> <br /> wonderful<br /> <br /> how goes with badminton <br /> <br /> and the Shuttlecock<br /> <br /> .