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Dutch Word 1: Schatje

This word literally translates to "little treasure", and can be used in both a romantic sense and a parental sense. A mother can call her child "schatje" just as well as somebody is addressing a boyfriend/girlfriend!

Alles goed, schatje?
Is everything okay, baby?




Side note: this word is not one that is just used lightly! This is not a word one would throw around to just anyone or everything. As well, in some positions, this word can be condescending! Make sure you say it lovingly. <3


Dutch Word 2: Gelukzak

This word literally translates to "happy bag", but actually stands for "lucky boy"! 

Ik ben een gelukzak met jou.
I am a lucky person with you.


Dutch Word 3: Lieveling

This literally translates to "Darling". This is a word you could say to both a best friend (if you're the kind that refer to each other with terms of affection) or a significant other/spouse.

Wat zou je willen eten, lieveling?
What would you like to eat, darling?


Dutch Word 4: Een lekker ding

This phrase literally translates to "a tasty (good) thing", and since Dutch has many different uses for the word "lekker", it can be used as a term of endearment. This is used to compliment character or appearance of someone you fancy.

Je bent een lekker ding. (Simple, I know. =P )
You are an amazing thing.



Dutch Word 5: Honnepon

This word literally translates to "honeybun", and can be used as such. It is also synonymous with "pumpkin", which I also use a lot. =)

Je bent zo perfect, mijn mooie honnepon.
You are so perfect, my beautiful honeybun/pumpkin.



This lovely work on the Dutch language  was done  by 

Camden Ferguson

A young polyglot in love with learning new languages! Fluent in English and avidly learning Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian, and Italian.




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