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Published by jack elliot



When the moon rises up with the gang of  robbers where going out and stealing . When  then  was the sun the  birds have realised that  some coconuts where stolen  and Roobard realises that  his bones were stolen.







Custard was in a bad life with a dog and a Bird.





Then the gang of squirts were having a plan with Roobarb the  police attendant who organised them and Roobarbs plan with the gang of squirts had to hide in a tree and Roobarb dog-watched from the shed.





Suddenly the gang of robbers arrived and Roobarb blew his dog-whistle and the gang of squirts arrived and the thieves were apprehended and the thieves were in Prison.








 Roobarb was the judge  and then released them. Custard said a joke said that  the Judge should be arrested because he wanted to steal the show.  Ha ha ha 

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