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Published by jack elliot


Patsy the Apatasaurus was on some holiday


This holiday was in Antartica.


The Antartica was very, very deep.





So apatasaurus could help with his long neck


and apastasauras was great at watching.


and he was going first to Scotland


and there were puffins there


he  just passed where we live


and then he just passed Scotland


He heard  a little voice


coming out from the big rocks


and it was a puffin


he was saying

wait  for me

and the Apatasaurus

just got his long neck on the rock

there was not any dangers

there was just a rock

then the Puffin

was going on his long neck

he just did not grab on his paws

he didn't

he just grabbed with his wings

the Apatasaurs went off the rocks 

because it was just the neck

that grabbed off the rock

then the puffin couldnt really hold on

so so he fell, fell fell, pop, down

but there was a large blue, black land

and that blue black land was enoromous

but it did not have any trees

for  it was blue and black

and that blue black land 

with  that blue black land

wanted to be so cool

from the heat of the  sun

he stuck out water

water all over that blue land

apatasauras was very brave

to be continued 


continuing on this adventure


now the other episode

of the  dinosaur adventure

there is going to be more exciting 


now lets get started

so the puffin landed on a bump

and the big blue island he was realiing

he did not know what was happening

but the puffin was more unusual now

the it was not really an island 

just a whale

now said the whale

he just got to the rocks

so the Parsy had to do what  you remembered


then further now this further away from  the seas

was another island 

another island 

it was a real island

you heard now said the whale

so so patsy the apatsaouris

just like a diplodous

now apadasaurs seen another new friend

and  it was near the island  that there were sanding on

said now  patsy the apatsautrs said now

and they all jumped on the  big  big flippered animal

and they sailed sailed sailed to the big big isalnd

and it was bigger thatn the whale

it was enormous

and now there is going  to be another adventure

now there is time to drink hot chocolate and coffee

when we have finished our drinks 

we shall return to the adventure



that in the island was a big wall

the dinosaurs sails

that helped through the seas said

that this was too fight

and it was for the emperor

the emperor 

now apatasaurus was very excited

because he did not know why 

there they built the wall

it was two years and twenty miles away from Scotland

and then the apadsaurus said goodbye

and then he said you are very welcome

but then he did not leave

he asked where they where goinng

the puffin did not answer

and now apasasuare

whispered into the puffins ear

and now the puffin shreiked 

and swqweaked said it was stretching his wings

and he not that swaqueling was aaki - di-  ka

next one was the dinosaur was very curious

he did not understand what he was saying

and now

he said "What"

but the Puffin did not squeak ago

and he whispered artika

and now

they were all going

to artica

then they saw  a panda that  was eating some lots of big things

that just looked like trees

but they were like trees

and he said that they were good to eat


so perhaps there is mosesasurus here and he is not maybe just a dinosaur

but also a lizard and was living in the dinosaur time but is also living today in the seas

this we now from the story in the American Public Radio that we listened to


so the Panda answered that bamboo trees are good for soup and  meat

so so so said apasdasaurus said why 

why he did eat and why they were in the soups 

and why there are in some meat

and mosesaurus answered 

and he said "that lots of pandas have lots of sharp teeth

that can eat some bamboo trees"

and he answered why they were in soups 

so and the answer was that lots of his leaves were just to get some soups

and that  the same was with meat 

and also with meat  bamboo trees can have lots of sauce and ketchup

from bamboo trees

but then this was another island just like artika

but it was not artica it was another cold place

apadsaurs did not want to go there

but another friend

walked to the taxi and then there was 

and the panda said 

wait for me

and the taxi stooped

and it was another lizard

that was afraid to go deep

son they passed the isla nd and then they saw an island that was another now

lets think 

now lets think but will be next

with this adventure 

will end a big bump

but nothing is going wrong

but the very very finish

is with building

and with me sleeping

but they got lots of food

and now lets think


and then we will think

what will be next

 Some coffee


Continuing story later


now then they the taxi stopped

because it saw a wave from the hill

and the taxi said that is my record

and they got out of the big taxi


the saw another wave

and a  screech

wait for my big friend

it is two miles longer than me

and then there was another lizard

A lizard and he just swapped into the sea

and he landed on a big boat fish

and that waddled an animal

said a record on his wing

and the fish put a big krall

we did not really see the waddled animal

but we could see a fish

longer than that animal

but in the ex tray was a  big very confusion

because when we saw the shape of the feet

then we recognised  that it was a magic fish 

but it was not really magic

it was really thirteen miles and  millions  of years 

was that an animal

because  that was what the waddled animal said

panda and all of the creatures 

but  not the waddled animal

then the magic fish said that it was not magic it was pre-historic

I thought that it was a dinosaur 

but then he said no no no

then they started getting blocks 

making all over  just like a house

but then the roof was not quite finished 

now they  got some ice cubes and put them on the roof

then the penguin said that this was an igloo

the ice cubes did not get wet

because the temperature  also gets cold

always but some days it is on low  and high temperature 

now everyone gets building lots of tables

and televisions

but they did not get access

just  somedays and they got a computer lots of days and nights

now they started eating 

because they were very hungry 

and they had a plan

that when they were finished


neptune and bamboo trees they recognised that they were in antartica 




Then they ate some water  and then some of the lizards or a penguin or some animal or some dinosaur 

or some dinosaur from magic

and then they fell asleep when they got a story

but I slept without a story

first there was a dinosaur day

and then getting in the air


whizz whizz dizz then whao doo this is from Roald Dahl

then ZIG ZIG McQueen

and real real cobs

now I will read the story

but the story is not finished 

it is continuing

and now we need to put some songs in here


dinosaur day yes yes yes

go go yes yes yes  go go 

yes  yes yes

we get the  bus  bus bus


go go go turn turn turn

we get  to the party

let's sing another song


zoom zoom zoom we're  flying in the air 

walk walk walk  we're walking in the air

we get to santa yeh yeh yeh


now the party . will begin

we get lots of drinks

and dancing all the night

while people are sleeping 

all the night


dinosaur day yes yes yes

go go yes yes yes  go go 

yes  yes yes

we get the  bus  bus bus



















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