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Published by jack elliot

Luis the CEO of Duolingo

was downvoted.

The largest downvote ever.

Why did this happen?

What was this story in Duolingo.



Was this now to be the end of Duoligo as we knew it?


and the answer is yes.


Changes are going to be happening,


Many are leaving this popular site  for other  the new dynamic competition


Wait and see what will happen.


But why was this popular CEO now become  so unpopular


Something was rotten in the state of Denmark (Duolingo)


And the down voting still continued to go  down


Eventually at the end it was at -762 downvotes.


before it was un-stickied


But you can still see it here




This provoked Luis von Ahn, to do an AMA on Duolingo subreddit



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