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The Finns generally appreciate their own  personal space






The Finns  like  to be able to wave their arms around themselves without  being able to touch anybody.

To Invade a Finn's personal space is considered quite extremely rude.

However there is one lovely exception to this rule..




The Tango.



Dancing the Tango







This Finnish Tango preferably takes by the  tanssilava ​​​​​​​ lakeside.







Each year there is a tango-singing competition





It is called Tangomarkkinat in Seinajoki.

Each year a new Tango King and Queen are chosen there.






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Wonderful, how amazing to take an iconic South Anerican dance and turn it into something uniquely Finnish, so Finnish that it even merits its own entry in Wikipedia. What a lovely tradition. Thank you again for the interesting article. :-)
it is a nice way to adapt