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Published by jack elliot



Then driving in Artica a van just stopped at the edge of the cleiff then hej what;s this a penguin going out 

and then it is very long because the cliff was very large 

and then the van but the line was to short to be like hoe they expected so they the penguin got inot the van and drived at the edge where there was a walrus because trying to eat the e penguin but never mind  the van  transformed it just then but the fishes very safe

 from the walrsu 


then the van just put a big baloon  tent which was not really a tent 


then the balloon dropped down and another and another and another 

the walruses did not show respect 

the balloons where not going on them 

they were on the boat

and the boat just

crashed into pieces

but never mind

it was a shipwrecked

so how do you know that the walruses were not  safe

but the big aeroplane just landed

but the land was quite transforming

then it landed 

with a big bump

then the penguin took out something

from his van

and took a picture of the shipwreck

then it was in pieces and big and small pieces

then the van drived up 

off then 

then the land trasformed

and it was like a big alien ship in the skies

and the skies were 

we are just like this Kirsh kirsh chusk krish chush

then I the penguin

just got a big button that was like a walrus

and then there were bubbles coming out of that  transformer

that was really a submarine

then the walrus and the pirahhs

were just catching the bubbles

and they did not eat some of me


and then I spread out of the big ocean

of the jUrassic time

and then I spread out and then I crashed into the land

and i Exploded into the snow

then every thing went wrong

because the powere of the transforming went on zero

I tanked snow into my transforming machine




there is going to be exciting  good


now we can think

i thinking what is going to be

there is going to be lots of fun in Jurrasic

triceratops trassic


I am going to get the sort of and 


pira t fro the jurassic time

part of the air


tegos this

jurassic part


then I said lets land here

now I stopped the helicoptor that was really a van

now I said what is this 

is a three-horned bunny

or is it  a jurassic bumble bee

phwew said that the jurassic animal

I am a triceratops

everyone knows me

except you


I thought that you were a bumble bee

maybe i thought that you were a three-horned bunny

said the tricertops you and in a very loud voice said the tricertops

I am the king of all those animals 

the I rounded up here

in my castle from leaves and sticks

I have a crown of sticks and the leaves are for my lunch and feasts


also in feasts I am some nice flowers

spaghetti flowers

and some  salt 

we put some salt on our leaves

and then put some salt on our spaghetti

Yum yum yum

do you eat fish 

pa no

nay nay say also I have some animals that I do not eat

some animals are alround they like trees

but I do not have them for feasts or lunch

yo yo

you need to say here

and in this tent

and I am going to get the builders

tricertops and diplodocous and apadasourus

then there was a great construction

a construction and  they tricertops moved the plan out of sticks, leaves and lots of things

then they started to build

the construction was that treicertops had to move the sticks in the right order

in order and also tricertos was the rifght constructors

very not happy face

just one one face not two or three

because he would look like an alien

then diplodocious moved one stick and said sorry

tricertops then moved on the ladder

that was padasourous

then grabbed on his big head and moved in the right roof and then they did the lamp

that was diplodous because he knew how to do it

just mowing the leaves and sticks

in the right order in the high places and things and in the low places

then the constructors said no not that order 

with the lamp 

because it could really shine into somebodys eyes

so they made special masks

then they put on a think like a knights 

said tricertops this we helped

a big bit of bottles




to be continued

























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