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Published by jack elliot

  1. I sing of a river I'm happy beside
  2. The song that I sing is a song of the Clyde.
  3. Of all Scottish rivers it’s dearest to me.
  4. It flows from Leadhills all the way to the sea.
  5. It borders the orchards of Lanark so fair.
  6. Meanders through meadows with sheep grazing there.
  7. But from Glasgow to Greenock, in towns on each side.
  8. The hammersP ding-dong is the song of the Clyde. Oh the river Clyde. The wonderful Clyde.
  9. The name of it thrills me and fills me with pride.
  10. And I'm satisfied whate'er may betide.
  11. The sweetest of songs is the song of the Clyde.
  13. Imagine we’ve left Craigendoran behind.
  14. And wind-happy yachts by Kilcreggan we find.
  15. At Kirn and Dunoon and Innellan we stay.
  16. Then Scotland’s Madeira that’s Rothesay. They say.
  17. Or maybe by Fairlie and Largs we will go.
  18. Or over to Millport that thrills people so.
  19. Mavbe joumey to Arran it can't be denied.
  20. Those scenes all belong to the song of the Clyde.
  22. When sun sets on dockland, there’s beauty to see.
  23. The cry of a seabird is music to me.
  24. The blast of a horn loudly echoes, and then.
  25. A stillness descends on the water again.
  26. Tis’ here that the sea-going liners are born.
  27. But, unlike the salmon. They seldom return.
  28. Can you wonder the Scots o’er the ocean so wide.
  29. Should constantly long for the song of the Clyde.
  30. Chorus
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