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Published by jack elliot

Rules on the kitchen

Wash your hands.

Not really a good idea to ask for food if the kitchen is overfilled with dirty plates, pots and pans, cutlery and cups.

Allow time to clean the dirty kitchen before the food preparation.

Not a good idea to overfill the two sinks if there is no intention to wash the dirty dishes.

Bread kept in plastic bags with go quickly stale especially in the warm weather.

Bread is best kept in a cool environment.

A good idea to keep a clean kitchen workplace at all times.

When dirty, clean.

When a bag of flour is opened put the air in a tight air-tight container to protect it from insects and to keep it fresh and hygenic

Wipe up spills immediately.

Keep the floor dry so that no one slips and falls.

Wash your hands before handling food and after handling meat or poultry.

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