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Published by jack elliot

What to wear in the garden


In this weather, several layers on top - T shirts under something warmer and a cotton jacket that I found in a charity shop. A pair of synthetic trousers (the kind of fabric that's made from recycled plastic bags) with a fairly loose waistband so it doesn't cut when I'm bending over to weed. A fresh pair of socks. A beret if it's particularly cold. The least dirty and torn pair of gardening gloves in the basket. Some old leather slip-on shoes that will have to be replaced soon with some others that are equally comfortable and easy to change. It all looks bloody awful but that's partly the point - this is an activity I do for my own pleasure, without caring what I look like. And in the garden, frankly, it's probably quite sensible not to wear the kind of clothes that might invite other people to look at you and appraise your appearance.

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