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Published by jack elliot

The Museum

of Classical Archaeology

in Cambridge.



On the top floor

of an unexciting-looking

1980s office building

in a part of the city

rarely visited by tourists,

with very little signage

pointing the way there

or telling you

you've arrived.


When you first arrive

it feels like

yet another

University office

(which is what it is),

but climb the stairs

and the single

(though big)


is crammed with a jaw-dropping sight:

every piece of Greek and Roman sculpture

you've ever heard of,

plus many you haven't.

They are of course plaster casts,

not the real things,

but that doesn't detract

from the surprise

or visual feast.



Casts like this were once relatively common,

but this is one of the largest remaining collections.

You often have the place to yourself.




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