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Published by jack elliot


A wonderful day to take the train to Oban.




A cycle journey to Garelochead.





And then wait for the train to arrive.


Always a great journey in Autumn.




The golden, orange, red, purple


Colurful scenery shining all the way


Once arrived in Oban time for shopping




Time for a nice walk up the McCaigs tower




The view from there is marvellous to see.




Then after a short two hours in Oban




I take the Glasgow destination train back home.



such a pleasant day with seafood for dinner.

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Malcolm Wakeman 11/01/2017 19:04

I once visited Oban and crossed over to the small island near the town and offered my blood to the midges, not intentionally, of course!
I stayed at a B &B owned by a Mrs McQuade who made me very welcome and provided excellent accomodation and some antihistamean for the midge bites, true hospitality, aye.

Bill 10/31/2017 14:42

These posts are nice Jack. I enjoy these. Thank you. BTW I'm @FEDUPCITIZEN7 on Gab.

Jazza 10/31/2017 14:07

You should find some locals and ask about some of the local legends and post some of the folk lore. You take a good photo mate

Lis 10/31/2017 13:28

Jack, what a splendid day! Great pics, too!