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Published by jack elliot



It was a great day of movement in Glasgow.


A little bit cold and a rainy morning.



But all so many were getting prepared to run.



Speaking with those that who compete in wheelchairs to was obvious the pleasure that it would give to so many people.


Wonderful to walk outside of Glasgow as the public transport would stop for the public running.



Wandering into Kelving grove  museum to have a wee break from the  rain,




Then on to Clydebank to enjoy the time in a lovely cafe.



Dumbarton kept me smiling before emerging into Helensburgh before the lovely peninsula.


A weekend to be enjoyed as Monday starts with a rainy view out of the window

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Lord Frog 10/16/2017 13:37

a wee break from the rain :) wonderful :) enjoy jackelliot :)

jack elliot 10/20/2017 23:20

rain is always a pleasure