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Published by jack elliot




Clutter, clutter. everywhere is clutter


With this world we seem to accumulate so much


So much that then clutters.


clutters our houses, work and even our minds.


 So from time to time  I take my things.


Look at them and then ask myself 


Does this thing give me pleasure


Does this thing useful to me


When was the last time that I used it


then lastly when will be the next time that I could use it again


With this method I can slowly arrange the clutter.




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JoLynne 10/05/2017 21:05

I love the idea of letting go of what to me is clutter and using it to bless other people. As we age, we sure do accumulate things.

jack elliot 10/06/2017 13:16

just a knowing when to let some things go