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Published by jack elliot


The International Book Fair in Krakow

In coming to this fair by foot we can see the history of this commonly used  word of the Pedestrian.


For the first book fayres in England were held in the fairgrouds that were called a pye powder  court .


This came from the french of  "pieds pouldres" that  would mean dusty feet  this would mean  dusty fee



It also meant the booksellers tt this would means the booksellers that would be the  itnerants going from fayre to fayre with their books.


They would have often crossed to the continent and their description of  the  pedes pulverosi would be understood throughout.


Times have changed since the medieval but the tactile pleasure of  a paper back book is still cherished by so many.


This week, Krakow in Poland is holding it's annual popular celebration of  books.


An opportunity to re-acquaint with those  books  that delight so often with the flip of the pages to the world beyond our dreams. 

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Agatha 11/02/2017 11:51

Hey:) I have visited your blog , you write about many interesting and impotrant things:) I hope, you are content about visit on An International Book Fair in Krakow :) Thank you so much for purchase my first book :)

Best regards, Agatha Dziewońska