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Published by jack elliot



Cyling in Edinburgh, faster than cars.


The average speed of a car in Edinburgh 



Slower than a snail at 6MPH.


I just plod along on my bicycle.




Perhaps they should just think about the roads


If it is quicker to walk in the city then perhaps the city should adapt.

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Malcolm Wakeman 09/14/2017 17:22

Today we were talking about a visit we made to Edinburgh, when we visited a gallery of minimalist art near to the Botanical Gardens, and then we went to eat a subterranean restaurant which is frequented by lawyers, barristers and other legal types at lunchtime. We were ( rather grandly, although someone else was paying the bill ) staying at "The Cally ".

jack elliot 09/15/2017 13:02

that sounds like fun

I like the botanical garden in Glasgow