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Published by jack elliot

The Sleeper train



Summer time.


Time for holiday


lots of delays  and queues  at the airport



Passengers facing four-hour security queues at some European airports


Why not take the train


now that is what I did yesterday


Wonderful - -  a Sleeper train



Arrive at night at the train station


get into the sleeping wagon


And fall asleep


wake up in the next morning


after having travelled hundreds of miles


Such delight with a cup of coffee from the lovely train attendant


time now for holiday

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Malcolm Wakeman 08/11/2017 06:48

William Alexander Smith in 1883 founded The Boys Brigade and the object - The promotion of habits of obiedence discipline and self respect and all that tends towards true christian manliness - how would an objective be recieved by todays secular society ? And was the organisatio founded in Glasgow Jack ?

jack elliot 08/11/2017 10:27

I indeed was in the boy's brigade