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Published by jack elliot

When I was on holiday in Egypt 


I will tell you a story


now I will tell you the story


One Egyptian  no really it was two Egyptians

one was a builder and one was a policeman


then the builder and the policemen looked for a bottle


and then they made a hole and then put it in a box


then they had a rest



then for five minutes they started doing work again


so they put it onto cups then they poured some water into a cup then they fell asleep


for five minutes and then they woke up 


then they got to work again


when they got to work they poured water into the bottle 

and wrote the time on the bottle


Then they realised that they were not very clean and they cleaned themselves.


For five minutes later they were clean back again.


So they got to work again


So they realised that they not need the numbers and they realised that they had not put the sellotape on


So they got to work and they built what they had damaged.


Then they wanted to test the clock.


So they got the Egyptian computer and they got the time.



The policeman wrote the times and then they got to normal again 


so rightieho said the both


the end



(P.S. and I saw it all)


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