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             Malpighia, noticed different patterns in fingerprints.


This was in In 1686.


He was an anatomy professor studying   skin, kidneys, and the  liver.


This was in Italy in  the University of Bologna.


He  noticed that there were  different patterns in fingerprints.


He called those shapes ridges, spirals, and loops, and a layer of skin .


The layer of skin he called after himself


  Those patterns  on the skin of the finger are still  called whorls, loops, and arches. 





here are billions of people in the world, but one surprising thing is that every person has several unique traits that no other person has. These traits act like psychological fingerprints, and together they form a persons personality. Personality, therefore, can be said to be a collection of traits which are unique to a person. Personality can be used to predict the manner in which someone is likely to act. The specific aspects of an individuals personality are referred to as traits, and the traits are responsible for the type of personality which other people around will perceive an individual to possess (O'Hagan, 2003). Personalities can be compared to looks in one way or the other. When it comes to interacting with other people, there are people whom an individual does not get along with simply because of their looks while it is exceptionally easy for himher to interact with others. Similarly, there are personalities one likes and gets on with while disliking the others. In general, the feeling of whether a person has the quality to be liked or not is mainly based on your perception of that persons physique.Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist, developed one of the famous type-trait theory of personality. He suggested that there were two main types of personalities which he referred to as the introvert and the extrovert. This paper tries to make a brief explanation of the theory showing how it relates to real life. Jung referred to people who like spending most of their time by themselves as introverts. These types of people do not like spending most of their time being in the company of large groups of people. It is, however, not right to conclude that such people are not social it is regarded as the condition where one prefers being in the company of few people but not the anti- social behavior. 




Fingerprint identification existed in its simplest forms long before it was used for solving crimes.

Pre-historic picture writing of a hand with ridge patterns was discovered in Nova Scotia. (The New Scotland)






Fingerprinting is used for many things, such as a robbery, or at a crime scene.



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