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Published by jack elliot



We know already that the knights had lots of things to fight with, for example, they  had a battle axe.


They loved their  adventures and their colouful fighting - but this story is about a troll.


 The knights had to fight with  lances, swords and battle axes.


There was a massive Ginormous troublesome Troll.


To get rid of  this realy big massive troll the knights had lances to pierce the troll with.



The knights had some very good lances and had very good balance.


For   they fighted and they fighted and  the knights won the battle and the trolls ran away and so the fight ended and they had a great big  banquet but  they did not have fireworks so they split arrows and then they had a happy day.



 The king sat on his tidy throne and then the king had fallen asleep.


A happy ending to our troll story.

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