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Published by jack elliot


The flower of Texas


It is lovely to find that the flower of the state of Texas that is so close to a wild flower of Scotland that is so close to our heart,  folk music culture and well-being.


Infact the bluebonnet could be twinned our bluebells.




I have lots of wild bluebells at the bottom of my garden and next spring when they appear I will think of the bluebonnet in Texas.







I wonder if it was a Scot that named this flower for  bonnet is a scots word for a cap and here it is a if it is a flower of many a texan soldier with a blue cap on his head.







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Commeunetexane 06/19/2017 18:15

Someday you should come see the fields covered in bluebonnets in the spring. It is quite the sight! http://texashillcountry.com/5-great-places-see-bluebonnets-texas/

jack elliot 06/19/2017 18:36


it is oh so wonderful

likewise our bluebells

arrive in early Spring

thank you for sharing