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Published by jack elliot


The Cathedral of Silv

 A 13th century Cathedral 



The exterior is a wonderful mix of whitewashed walls and red sandstone, and the interior does not fail to delight, with a mixture of Gothic, Mediaeval and Baroque traditions. There is an immense sense of height and space in the building, with quiet religious music playing, and a sense of both the sacred – and the human – as this feels like a place of worship in the present – as well as an historical record of the past.


When King John II died unexpectedly in Alvor in 1495, he was provisionally buried in the main chapel of Silves Cathedral, until he was exhumed in 1499 and re-buried in the Monastery of Batalha. His tomb slab with a Gothic inscription is still located on the floor of the main chapel, alongside many other 15th and 16th century tomb slabs, and a stunning portrayal of Christ:


The Cathedral also has a jasper statue of Nossa Senhora da Conceicção, believed to date from the 14th century, and is a place to rest, contemplate, and marvel at the wonder of such a beautiful place of worship.


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