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Published by jack elliot




A yellow Iris by the edge of the river is in early blossom, some buds opened and others opening.


The flower has only three petals; what look like inner petals are really stigmas that fold back,covering the stamens.


Those plants spread by their creeping roots; their orange seeds can, when ripe, be ground up and used as a substitute for coffee.


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SLeason 06/19/2017 18:36

Those flowers are beautiful.

jack elliot 06/19/2017 18:37

you are welcome

PepperPotts 06/18/2017 16:50

Very nice Jack, i did not know that about the seeds.

jack elliot 06/18/2017 18:51

you are welcome

crunchyscallop 06/17/2017 19:10

crunchyscallop says: