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Published by jack elliot



Impoverishment of political language


Politicians  have a miraculously stunted vocabulary of emotionally laden but deliberately vague terms


General elections are about nothing but hypothetical questions  


The biggest piece of nonsensical language? Soft Brexit - which in layman's terms means not abiding by the referendum result and staying in the EU  . 


Slogans are often chosen for their ring ('Haribo macht Kinder froh, und Erwachsene ebenso') or their informative, imperative denseness ('Just say no'). In these cases, their content is secondary - but it is there, and may be examined.

Tautological slogans ('Brexit means Brexit', 'A pound is a pound', etc.) simply avoid content as principle. They are best used simply to get attention - after which the real discussion may start, using words that then actually have a meaning but might not be as catchy as the slogan.



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