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Published by jack elliot


Sir David Lindsay (1490-1555)



What vails your kingdom, and your rent,

And all your great treasure;

Without ye haif ane mirrie lyfe,

And cast aside all sturt, and stryfe.

Sir David Lindsay (1490-1555)





Sir David Lyndsay  was a Scottish  well regarded poet.

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Malcolm Wakeman 08/16/2017 05:53

This is an example of yarn bombing. Clothing every day objects with a knitted cover.I once saw a red pillarbox ( postbox ) wearing a beret or tam o shanta ! The practice is often used to draw attention to local events or to support local charities and can often be very inventive, lets see some more examples of yarn bombing.

jack elliot 08/16/2017 07:19

Sometimes they just arrive