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Published by jack elliot

The pun,  is a form of word play that exploits multiple meanings of a term, or of similar-sounding words, for an intended humourus or rhetorical effect


Here are a few literary puns that you may enjoy


Honestly, everyone should just leave writing poetry to the prose.


 What do you get when you mix alcohol and literature? Tequila mockingbird!


Bronte? She's like a breath of fresh Eyre.


 Why is John Milton terrible to invite to game night? Because when he's around, there's a pair of dice lost.


 What happened when past, present, and future walked into a bar? It was tense.


 Here's a riddle... Voldemort


Never read Fitzgerald? You Gatsby kidding me!



Which dinosaur knows a lot of synonyms? Thesaurus.


What makes "Civil Disobedience" such a great essay? Thoreau editing.


 Why are writers always cold? Because they're always surrounded by drafts.



 You had me at Othello.


 Why did the book get thinner? It had its appendix removed.



You were reading and then you saw a bird? Cool story, Poe.



 What do you say to comfort an English major? Their, they're, there.



 Why is a book's plot so important? It builds character.



What did the period say to the sentence? We better stop now!



 What do pregnant women and apostrophes have in common? They're prone to contractions.


 Hyperbole is without a doubt the single greatest thing in the universe.


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