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Published by jack elliot


Introducing Duolingo Plus

"Several months ago, I posted a discussion about the state of monetization at Duolingo. At the time, I noted that you would begin to see a number of experiments to increase revenue in order to uphold our mission of providing free language education to the world. So far, we’ve been experimenting with ads and optional in-app purchases designed to make learning more fun while keeping the content free for everyone.




Today, we are introducing Duolingo Plus to some users on Android. Duolingo Plus is a monthly subscription option that removes ads and lets you download lessons for offline use. Subscribers will help keep language education free for millions of people around the world. We eventually plan to offer Duolingo Plus as an option for iOS as well.

We decided to introduce Duolingo Plus in response to many user requests for offline usage and an ad-free experience on Duolingo. Being able to download lessons is particularly appealing to those learning a new language for travel purposes who want to practice while flying or without a stable Wi-Fi connection. It is also useful for underground commuters who play Duolingo on their way to work or school.

This is the next step toward making Duolingo fully self-sustaining so that we can continue to grow and provide accessible education opportunities for millions.

Thank you for all of your support!"

--Luis (CEO of Duolingo)

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Anonymous 04/18/2017 01:01

I hope the WWW version of Duolingo remains free. (I don't see ads anyway as I use an effective ad-blocker.) -- an anonymous Duolingo user