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Published by jack elliot





Everybody used to have a tea-cosy in their house.










But now the art of brewing  tea is fading away.










Instead people prefer to pop a tea-bag in a mug instead.










We used to brew tea in a Kettle and then pour into a tea-pot.










Whilst the tea-pot sat on the  dinner table a cosy would  dress it.










The woolen knitted tea-cosy would  keep the tea warm.








Since you rarely see it in a shop you knit one.









Knitting a nice one for your lovely tea.

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Ifphigenia 02/12/2017 00:45

Oh! Yes, I love it .... Remind me to send you some pictures of tea cosies I knitted as presents .... Can't do it now, I'm on the wrong computer. :-))

jack elliot 02/12/2017 01:15

excellent .

Something to look forward to