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Published by jack elliot



The Crisis in Duolingo.

Already it has been discovered

That it is morally bankrupt

It has  had to reduce its services.

Many users are now leaving.

Many are saying


"It is the end for Duolingo"







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Tee-TheGirlOverThere 01/21/2017 16:20

Oh no. I am so upset. Now how are they getting money? Donations? Surviving on the leftovers? I hope it will always be free. I feel so guilty now.... What are we going to do?

jack elliot 01/21/2017 16:51

They seem to have burned a lot of money

probably get some from advertising

SilverCharacter 01/20/2017 19:39

Hello Jack! You probably don't know/remember me, I'm SilverCharacter from Duolingo.

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your support and positive attitude through the insane, chaotic happenings on Duolingo. At this point on the forums, older, experienced users are angry, sad, and annoyed and younger, newer users are confused and perplexed. I am so happy to see whenever you have posted in the forums. Your presence is calming and relaxing through the mess that Duolingo is right now.

As for me, I believe I'll take a break for a week or two, maybe a month, from the tumultuous Duolingo discussions...I need some time to focus on language learning without the disorganization and sadness of that place. In the meantime, I'll focus on the learning aspect of the website and mourn quietly over the apparent loss of activity and stream and removal of Immersion.

Thank you again for your gentleness! I will most definitely be checking this blog for updates on whatever is happening at Duolingo. <3

jack elliot 01/20/2017 19:59

I think they have made a mistake

thank you for the comment