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Birmingham City University's Centre for Brexit Studies








 They want to further enhance understanding of the consequences of the UK withdrawing from the European Union




 There will a practical exam where students have to grow and care for a magic trade deal tree and construct a tax haven from cardboard and sticky backed plastic.




Students will also get a set of red white and blue crayons so they can color in a map of countries that can no longer freely trade with the UK.


The Internet of the Three Laws


"Avoid sarcasm at all costs"  because somebody will believe in it

The Second Law is not everything on the internet is true and factual

The Third Law Punctuation ans Spelling dont mater







No Economics

No International Trade Theory

No Security Studies

No module on Co-operation

No International Law

No Negotittion Skills

No Game Theory but a lot of Blind Man's Buff








 language classes in Swiss, Norwegian and Icelandic. .


The English from the old Norse



Et tu, Brute?

All students will be frisked for knives by security guards particularly before the seminar on how to shaft your allies.



Once the students then graduate they will be an expert but  then nobody will listen to them.



Course based on unknowns and speculation



Post-Brexit Economics
This module will discuss and develop ideas about how to create a successful economy in the aftermath of Brexit.
The module will include a presentation by our keynote speaker, Professor Emeritus J. Christ, who will present a case study entitled "Turning Water Into Wine".



Module 1: EU Ideological deprogramming.
Module 2: Rebuilding national self confidence.
Module 3: Re-establishing free trade Relationships with the World
Module 4: Maintaining Co-operation with our European neighbours in areas of mutual interest.



Donald Trump on the Brexit.

He said UK voted to leave the EU because people "wanted their own identity"

and Trump said that Brexit is a "great thing"




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