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Published by jack elliot

Black Ice is dangerous

I was not really understanding this concept.

Until day.

That is when I was cycling.

Cycling through snow


which is  a  heavy labour.

 It is fun as it crunches  snow onwards to a destination.

However Black Ice is treacherous.

some snow could melt through the sun

or melted by cars compunded the snow.

but this because this ice, a black ice


I slipped on it whilst on the bicycle.

just a slow arm caused by it

But slippery as an eel in a poke

now I understand the need for spikes

spikes on wheels as necessary for winter

I suppose there is not much speeding

The Lycra brigade are absent

In fact I only saw one other cyclist.

























Black Ice

so time for some Liver in  a restaurant

A great food of vitamin C

lovely, time for a rest and then to cycle

cycle such a pleasure

driving cars are not good for so many

I saw so many angry faces

driving cars whilst talking on Phones

the black ice is treacherous

but telephones used by car drivers

kills so many more.

we cannot magic away the black ice


perhaps it is time to stop

telephone usage on cars

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