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Published by jack elliot


gas is really impossible


and it can do lots of things


A fart ​​​​​​ can get a rocket into space




and you know  what why it can get rockets in to space

because they threw the  hole 

and a little bucket 

and they get the hole 

to not be a hole





then they tried to get into two the hole

it was more more more more more

teeny-weeny weeny tiny

and the box was written

A big animal

but it was sitting 

with redfeathers

they recognised that in the box

were matches

and they threw the box

into the hole

and I did the gas

for I was the gas

and I then the rocket

flew into space

I  flew back

and I said goodbye to the astronauts

and the astronauts said

where did we buy them

and I said I don't know

And I shaked My head

and then I had another adventure

which story is here 

so I can remember

where is Me

In my dinosaur story or in the Peradyktal  story

You can remember me

In space or even in somebody's bum








and I shaked 














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